Goat Milk Creme: Hand Creme   2 oz

Goat Milk Creme: Hand Creme 2 oz

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Having problems with ragged cuticles, sore and cracked fingers, or just dry skin? Then this product is for you. Just a small amount will moisturize your hands, elbows, and other dry scaly areas. Non-greasy, adds a shine to your skin and helps keep water and soaps from depleting your skins natural oils.

My soaps and cremes contain no harsh chemicals, no dyes, no perfumes, no alcohol and no glycerin.  They are 100% natural.  The goat milk that I use comes from my girls and they are Nubian crosses with beautiful milk, rich in cream and a wonderful taste. So far, they have contributed to the best soap and crème I can offer to anyone. I’m so pleased with their milk rich in emollients and very healthy!